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Opening of the GraphHPC-2018
Big Data trends and Angara interconnect
A. Semenov, A. Frolov, JSC NICEVT
A quantum processor programming experience: The case of an approximate combinatorial optimization algorithm
A. Pozdneev, IBM
R. Israfilov, Intel
Coffee Break
NVGRAPH library: graph primitives on GPU
M. Arsaev, NVIDIA
A Linear Algorithms of Cyclic Graph Reconfiguration
V. Lyubetsky, K. Gorbunov, Institute for Information Transmission Problems RAS
Graph methods for processing relational data. Expanding the scope of distributed graph systems
V. Golovkov, V. Chernov, A. Portnov, "NitrosData Rus" Ltd
R. Israfilov, Intel
Lunch Break
Parallel graph processing system for network science applications
M. Chernoskutov, Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics an Mechanics, Ural Federal University
Mapping of breadth-first search algorithm to various single-node parallel architectures
A. Kolganov, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences / Lomonosov Moscow State University
Development of a matrix representation of generalized graph structures in problems of Big Data description and analysis
S. Blyumin, A. Prinkov, Lipetsk State Technical University
Graph anomaly detection using Apache Spark
A. Mazeev, A. Semenov, D. Doropheev, JSC NICEVT/MIPT
GraphHPC-2018 closing